The Odyssey

by Together

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released October 6, 2010



all rights reserved


Together Aschaffenburg, Germany

Spilling our hearts since 2007.

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Track Name: Intro
Where i want to go? Anywhere, but home.
Track Name: September Nights
one last breath on my cigarette, before Im leaving. yes, Im leaving this place. into the night, into the deepest grounds of my soul. my body is covered in shadows and gloom. summer leaves and autumn whispers his song. life prepares to go to sleep, before the last lights are gone. now my lungs are aching as they fill with cold. these days are desperate and pensive and Im dreaming alone. a last time Im looking through, the broken glass of the old window. NO LIGHTS, NO PAST, NO LOVE, NO YOU. only silence left alone. and Im leaving, yes, Im leaving this place.
Track Name: Lover, Sinner, Thief
18 years lived, 4 years dead. I've lost myself in a cold october night. no innocence is left of me. and every day feels like wasting. I've wasted these years. half stack inside 'what if's', half stack inside regrets. time went by and silence came. depression is my one and only friend. in lonely nights, I still lay awake, spending hours asking...'where have you been? to save me from my mistakes. easy love and some bottles of sin, were all it needed to make a lover a thief.' you're hazel eyes, my favorite smile. missed since the day when you said goodbye. but my heart still knows our swan song. I'm sorry, cause this was our last song. and every day feels like wasting. I've wasted these years. half stack inside 'what if's', half stack inside regrets. And it all happened too fast. now it's too late, can't turn back time, I've failed. and I spent nights waiting for you in the cold. I spent nights hoping for you in my thoughts, but you never came. YOU NEVER CAME. only in my dreams you came... and with every night spent alone the distance grows and further seems forever. and I realize I'm all alone.
Track Name: Blue Ocean
now the pain is coming closer, the same old road again. landscape keeps on changing, but the pressure still the same. vastness of the ocean, the waves crush down on me. swallowed up, spat out again. I got lost in the deep blue sea. I'm sinking, I'm drowning, I'm falling deeper and deeper. to a ground that seems so endless. Iâm restless. a wanderer, a vagrant. still searching for the moment. long live the ones who will never know. the world is spinning, that there is something more. long live those days and we were so young. 16, rebells, hopefull, living just a fucking dream that never seems to end. the wonder years are gone. is this my face that I see in the mirror? a desperate soul, features blackened, colder, so old. my green eyes never looked so blue. never looked so fucking blue...I'm sinking, I'm drowning, I'm falling deeper and deeper. to a ground that seems so endless. I'm hopeless, a failure. a sinner. still searching for redemption. but I'm still walking on. another mile spent, another crossroad left behind. still struggling through the darkness so far away from home. still hoping for the end to get me soon. how far away is far enough? I'm sinking deeper and deeper. how far away is close enough? I'm coming closer and closer to the end.
Track Name: Thunder and Rain
It's half past midnight, I'm still awake. the blackest night, such tired eyes. silence owns this empty place. clock hands dance slowly to the beat of apathy. here comes the rain and the memories return. yesterdays ghosts are still chasing me. with thunder smashing truth down on me. I'm falling in trance and the voices appear. cause I loved too much and felt too less. I'm thinking of you every fucking day. and I was to young to fucking know the difference between me and you. and I loved too much and felt to less. I was too young to fucking know. desperation never felt so good. dear rain, I think I'm falling in love with you and me and this very moment of truth. dear remembrance, I think I'm letting go. and every raindrop seems like another tear. dear past, I'm counting every mistake. and I'm spilling my heart to the beat of that song. dear searching, I found myself in the storm. and after all these sleepless nights, I'm falling asleep for the very first time. NO DREAMS, NO WORDS, NO LIES, NO PAIN just me and hope left in the rain. here comes the rain can you feel it, can you feel it? a new day has come and Iâm waking up. and it seems like the rain has washed away. the waste from the streets and the tears from my mind. for now I'm redeemed until the next rain falls again...
Track Name: Summer Lights
dear destiny, here I am and I've paid my guilt. with no hope and all alone. but I've found a way. I got lost in the blink of a moment. lost my heart in the deepest ocean. walked away with nothing and nowhere to go. through the cold and the darkness. the road seems so fucking endless. I was a lover, a sinner, a thief and maybe something in between. I am a liar, begging for truth. I am the lost son, never coming home. I am the catcher in the rye. but I've found my way. and now the sun is shining down on me. dear destiny, today was such a beautiful day. the sun is shining. the sky is clear. winter months have disappeared. and with the smile on her face. I feel my heart beating again and again. and I found a light in the dark, found hope in growing up. no right no wrong and I'm walking on...